For Composers

Guidelines for Songbridge premieres

Songbridge composers are expected to take into account the following requirements:

  • The duration of the composition should be 8-10 minutes.
  • The composition should primarily be a cappella, but may have some instrumentation. However mere piano accompaniment is to be avoided.
  • Some choreography and/or dramatization may be included.
  • The work should be in harmony with the UNESCO theme Music in the service of peace and understanding. The text should be rather short with a powerful meaning. Various languages can be used, including the choir’s native language.
  • The composition process should be in close co-operation with the choir.
  • The work should include three different kinds of sections:
    1. The main body of the composition should be written for the commissioning choir.
    2. A shorter part should be written for the other Songbridge choirs, to join the main choir.
    3. The composer should also include a not too complicated “Hymn section” for the audience to sing, preferably in unison.

Download the guidelines to organize a Songbridge Project